Star Mats

Tired of having your epic star battles played out on the kitechen table top? Slaved away with chalkboard paint and a toothbrush dipped in white to only fail to realise your vision? Horrified at the cost of shipping something from overseas?

We too had these same frustrations.

In colaboration with Astronomers from the Macarthur Astronomical Society, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our own range of affordable Southern Sky Star Mats

Now available in our on-line store and selected retailers, you can support the law and order of the Empire while trying to root out those pesky Rebel terrorists or valiantly battle oppression by evil Imperial forces with your band of brave Rebel freedom fighters, all on the stunning background of our own Southern skies.

You can choose from two resolutions, each with 5 inexpensive designs from our night sky, captured locally by enthusiasts  with a keen insight into the universe.

These affordable 3ftx3ft mats are printed on outdoor rated vinyl in water-resistant, fade-resistant ink and come in their own protective tube.
image-125006-Southern Cross - MAS-small.jpg?1411481724388
Southern Cross
image-125007-Small Magellanic Cloud - MAS-small.jpg?1411481881489
Small Magellanic Cloud
image-125008-EtaCarina MAS-small.jpg?1411487941758
Eta Carina Nebula
image-125009-Tarantula - MAS-small.jpg?1411488125939
Tarantula Nebula
image-125010-Milky Way -MAS-small.jpg?1411488174097
Milky Way