Have you ever...

  • ​​​​​Purchased a kit model but not found the time to put it together?
  • Purchased a miniature only to be overwhelmed by the number of pieces and indecipherable instructions?
  • Had all good intentions of building the scenery yourself only to end up with more pieces superglued to your fingers than the model?
  • Your significant other is sick of your unfinished models cluttering up the dining room table?
  • You just want to play the game – you have no interest in assembling or painting miniatures?

Don't worry - you are not alone!

At Make My Model we specialise in the assembly and customisation of table top and collectable resin, plastic, MDF and white metal miniatures for a vast range of military figures, wargaming miniatures and fantasy game systems.

Don't enjoy painting either? At Make My Model we know several maestro painters who can quickly and economically paint your miniatures to be tournament-ready. For those who desire something special, our expert painters can turn your collectable figure into a Golden Demon ready masterpiece.

Miniature Assembly

At Make My Model we have the experience and the expertise to assemble and customise your kit models and wargaming miniatures allowing you more time to enjoy your precious wargaming hours.

Go ahead... contact us today and let us make your model!

pinning miniatures
cast resin sawing
trimming pewter flash
sanding MDF